#173 Prosperity for Writers with Honoree Corder

Today’s guest Honoree Corder is an author and master of ‘Getting Things Done.’ She and the guys discuss the not so ‘woo woo’ side of prosperity for writers, and what simple mindsets can mean the difference between poverty and prosperity.

  • Holy crap – Dave actually has something cool, and he shares a fascinating new way to practice descriptive scriptwriting.
  • Guys talk about the single-most shocking, graphic thing they’ve seen on TV that wasn’t porn. Hint? It was rubber. And it was wet.
  • Professional ass-kicker and author Honoree talks about the BS concept of the ‘Starving Artist,’ and why her book blasts away the poverty mindset.
  • Honoree calls Dave out for seeing stupid people everywhere, because he’s looking for them. Just the same way, if you look for opportunities everywhere, you’ll see them.
  • Honoree’s unconventional way to sell books that she did because she didn’t realize she wasn’t supposed to.
  • Why in the hell are you writing if you suffer? What you should be feeling instead, and how ego isn’t a bad thing!
  • The Australians have something they call the ‘tall poppy syndrome.’ What does that have to do with haters? Ask J.K. Rowling.
  • F.A.M.E. – Honoree reveals her acronym that you can apply right now.
  • Sean’s high school guidance counselor assured him he wouldn’t amount to anything. Fast forward a few years. Sean ran into her again at the bank, and he was literally holding a giant bag of money. Guess what he didn’t do.

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