#174 Getting Your Books Into Major Retailers with NewShelves' Amy Collins

Here at SPP, we usually talk about everything you need to know about indie publishing, which doesn’t usually involve physical books and locations, but today, we invited Amy Collins of NewShelves┬áto talk about how to get your books into major retailers like Barnes and Noble, Costco, Books-A-Million, Target, Walmart, as well as independent and airport bookstores. And as Amy suggests, libraries are an often overlooked place to get book placement.

  • Something Cool – what’s happening with StoryShop, a.k.a Masterbeats, why Dave is a dead man walking, and Johnny’s update on moving to S&S headquarters.
  • When it comes to getting into chain stores, it’s not about how good your book is. It’s about how much money the can make off of it. Ever wonder how stores justify giving you shelf space?
  • Did you think that your digital sales number will get you on store shelves? Probably not. But there are concrete steps you can take to get you there.
  • Several key websites and memberships you NEED to help prove how many book sales you’ve made.
  • How you can ‘pay-to-play’ and get test runs on store shelves.
  • The actual numbers of sales you need, and the how Amazon reviews (over 100) count. And yes, solicit for reviews, interviews, and everything else you can get.
  • A few don’ts that can piss off stores, and land you on the wrong side of the law.

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