#175 How to Write Better Stories Faster

Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave give you a sneak peek at the content in their upcoming 9 episode discussion series, StoryShop. From character to plot, and setting to outlining, find out what it takes to make an indie author successful by writing better stories faster.

  • Something cool: The London Book Fair, SPP is front page New & Noteworthy for Apple Podcasts!
  • The overview of writing better and faster? Planning. And it’s not just for collaborators.
  • What beats are, and how the guys use them together, and writing solo.
  • When you’re brainstorming, or showering, don’t freak out if you forget an idea. It’ll come back.
  • Plot and Character, and why your characters can be real jerks when it comes to sticking to your outline.
  • Research is absolutely necessary, and can absolutely derail you.
  • Characters matter – if you don’t care if a character dies, then what is the real value of the stakes involved?
  • How great settings can be characters, and techniques to make it ‘lived in.’
  • Building the Outline: taking character, setting, plot, and incorporate it into a super-effective planning tool.

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