#176 Optimizing Your Amazon Sales Page for Conversion with Bryan Cohen

Think you know Amazon descriptions? Bryan Cohen takes you – and the guys – to task about writing descriptions that will convert more poeple to readers, and eventually turn readers into true fans. Don’t fall on the ‘synopsis’ crutch. It’s not enough! You need to write in the ‘in a world’ movie guy voice!

  • The anatomy of a great book description. Answer a simple question: “Why should I care?”
  • The challenge of Amazon’s experimentation, and how a description that slowly warms up can keep people from clicking.
  • A lot of authors rush their description to get their book published as soon as possible. Don’t be that guy that promises to come back and make it better, because you probably won’t.
  • Don’t eschew great copywriting. A description isn’t art. It’s a selling tool for the art you created.
  • Planning a great tagline should be like planning a great Tweet. If you can’t describe your story hook in 140 characters or less, you need to go back to the drawing board.
  • Not sure how to handle Amazon’s ‘Look Inside?’ Here’s what you do. Ever wonder if people actually download samples? Find out what will kill your chances of getting a sale based on what your first pages actually say.
  • Find out what common authors’ ‘blind spots’ are, so YOU don’t make the same mistakes.
  • Does BookBub care about blog, podcast, and GoodReads reviews? Why you need great social proof.
  • Flustered by book SEO and keywords used by the masters? Consider a Q and A ‘plant.’
  • Should you use fancy fone, line breaks, and all cap intros to grab attention in your description? Hint: WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME?
  • Why you can’t set and forget with Amazon, and why diversity is a GOOD thing, along with testing strategies to maximize sales.

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