#178 Audience Targeting on Amazon with Ed Robertson

Figuring out Amazon algorithms can be like divining the future from a crystal ball, but Ed Robertson, the ‘Justin Timberlake’ of the Self-Publishing Podcast, is here to demystify some of the confusion around swapping genres, pre-orders, and how Amazon treats series books.

  • Think you want everyone in the world to read your book? NOPE! Find out who you should be targeting.
  • Have you been writing sci-fi, and think you’re ready for your epic fantasy? Beware! Amazon doesn’t like when you get away from your sub-genre. Find out why, and how to work with the audience targeting system.
  • Get several release strategies that will control how Amazon looks at recommendations in terms of who is looking at, and buying, your book.
  • BookBub is an amazing ad platform; find out how it compares to all the others. Ed talks through HIS ad strategy including BookBub and the others.
  • If you’ve already launched a book, should you run another ad campaign later? Find out if it’s worth it to do repeat ads.
  • When it comes to series books, do you ever wonder if Amazon is going to recommend the latest one to readers? Ed answers, and it might surprise you.
  • Wonder how Amazon knows what an ‘ideal match’ is for your book? Mystery dispelled!
  • Is it okay to reach out to authors in the sub-genre you hope to infiltrate, and if so, will they really be able to help?
  • Find out what you need to know before you decide to do a pre-order. It could deflate your sale if you’re not careful.
  • Even if you screw it all up… remember: you can always ‘reset’ later down the road.
  • How ‘tired’ first books and Amazon’s algorithms can affect how long your series should be.

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