SPP287 Level Up From Wherever You Are

Leveling up as an authorpreneur often means finding the right people to learn from and collaborate with. The guys talk about different ways to advance your author career and how to decide what’s the best way to do it right now, no matter where you are.

  • Dave and Sean discuss the value of attending learning events.
  • Sean talks about why he attends learning events and why it helps Sterling and Stone grow.
  • Sean contrasts the difference between leveling up as a beginner vs. leveling up when you’re a seasoned author.
  • Johnny reminds us that it’s important to put on your “business hat” when considering how and when to level up.
  • They guys discuss what “leveling up” looks like at ground zero.
  • A room full of “Cyclopes” sucks. Sean shares why it’s important to build networks and teams full of people who have diverse talents.
  • What is your creative superpower? Sean challenges us to define what our “one thing” is that we do exceptionally well and finding out how we can find people to complement.
  • Johnny and Sean talk about how your should focus on building intellectual property that continues to be valuable to you year-over-year and why leveling up for you may take the form of tending your backlist.
  • Johnny pins down about why it’s more important to think less of yourself and more about your reader and their experience.
  • Johnny discuss why it’s important to consider different forms of media as a way of leveling up.

Something Cool:

  • Johnny’s excited about the Austin Film Festival that they’re attending.
  • Sean shares how awesome the energy is now that new authors have joined Sterling and Stone.
  • Dave is psyched to watch Stranger Things Season 2 (https://www.netflix.com/title/80057281)

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