8Q04 Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author Jonathon Fields

Today, Sean talks with his good friend Jonathan Fields about entrepreneurship, fiction, indie vs. traditional publishing, amazing conversations with smart people, what the state of the world will be in ten years, and more.

  1. Biggest mistake? Hard lessons learned about stretching a yoga business too far.
  2. Would you do brick and mortar again? Risks aside Jonathan would, but it’s for a surprising reason.
  3. Do you have an ideal routine? Find out ALL ABOUT Jonathan’s morning ritual, when no one else is watching, and what he puts before anything else that comes with the day.
  4. Do you ever think you’ll scratch that fiction itch you have? Jonathan talks about how writer’s block affects fiction vs. non-fiction works, and what floors him about fiction writers.
  5. What’s the most surprising thing you’ve ever learned? It has to do with the question Jonathan asks at the end of every podcast he does, and the stunning variety of answers is what he finds most surprising. Also, Sean experiences audio-hypnosis.
  6. What business do you wish you would have started? This is a business Jonathan still might start, and it all circles back to question number one.
  7. Do you think the world will be better or worse in ten years? There’s no summing this eloquent response from Jonathan. Seriously, just listen to it.

What do you want your legacy to be? Find out why Jonathan doesn’t care.

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