8Q11 Audiobook Producer James Tonn

Johnny B. Truant talks with Podium Publishing’s James Tonn, who has been involved with Sterling and Stone’s audiobooks. Today they talk about being a creative entrepreneur. Learn about leveraging your successes to jump to even better situations, and more.
1.       What makes you want to take the risks you take to be fiercely entrepreneurial?
2.       Digital publishing has disrupted the audiobook industry; do you think it’s ripe for the change?
3.       There’s a real giving nature at Podium. What does that stem from, and how does that influence your business?
4.       You seem to be a real family man; how does that affect your business?
5.       Your first book at Podium was The Martian; how did you knock it out of the part with your first project? (The very unorthodox way it climbed the charts to a movie…)
6.       What is it that makes an audiobook a best seller? (A big secret!)
7.       You were a DJ; did you find any transference of creativity from that to audiobooks?
8.       What would you like your legacy to be?

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