8Q20 Renaissance Woman Pace Smith

Johnny almost collapsed today’s guest’s house, and despite that, they’ve been friends for years. Pace Smith has her hands in a lot of creative pots, including podcasts, entrepreneurship, and coaching. Today, she chats with Johnny about her creativity, inspiration, and life changing moments.

  1. You’re an intense mix of artist and entrepreneur; what is your creative routine?
  2. You have a strong spiritual focus; how does that factor in?
  3. People say they have win-win orientation in business but don’t mean it and you seem to be different; how does that mesh with the way you do business?
  4. One thing you’ve done is toss everything and start over; how important has the ability to reset on a dime been instrumental to you?
  5. How important in creativity is the willingness to be weird?
  6. What’s gone into your recent decision to focus recently?
  7. What would you say to people who have a ton of things they’re trying to do but can’t focus?
  8. What would you like your legacy to be?

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