8Q22 Pro Internet Guy Hank Green of Vlog Brothers

  1. With so many thing you have going on, what does your ideal daily schedule look like, and how often can you stick to it?
  2. You have so many different companies; what is your close range work structure look like?
  3. A lot of people find you very interesting; what are you interested in? How much time do you spend looking for new things to do?
  4. You’ve had a lot of successes and some things you’ve had to drop. What’s your primary indicator of when you should drop a project?
  5. Your conventions seem like a ton of work, and very different from what you were doing in 2010. How did you go from a thriving YouTube career to a convention runner?
  6. Before you started to ‘make it,’ what’s the one thing you wish you knew before that point?
  7. You’re a big believer in community; what are some key things you see people doing wrong online?
  8. What do you want your legacy to be?

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