8Q44 Authorpreneur Chris Fox

Chris Fox is a full time author writing books for writers, and novels about werewolves, aliens, giant starships, and mysterious ancient cultures.

  1. You have a whole book about lifelong writing habits—why is a writing habit important to you?
  2. One of your books is titled ‘5,000 Words Per Hour.’ How important is writing speed to an author?
  3. Another book, and one I really loved, was ‘Write to Market.’ What does it mean to ‘write to market?’
  4. In your fiction, how do you balance what you love to write with what you know will sell?
  5. How has being an app developer helped you to be a better writer?
  6. Would you recommend that other authors take the path you took?
  7. Who inspires you—not just in writing but in life?
  8. What’s the biggest goal you’ve ever set for your life, and how close have you come to meeting it?
  9. Where can people find you?

Thanks everyone, and if you’d like to find MY work, you can track down all things Wordslinger at kevintumlinson.com.

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