8Q46 Ridiculously Productive Author Laurie Starkey

Usually, when you meet someone who tells you they’re going to write 50 books in a year, you tend to smile and nod politely, knowing there’s no way that is actually going to happen. That’s what Laurie told Sean. But then, she did it. Today, they talk about books, creativity, life, and productivity.

  1. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made, and how was it a good thing?
  2. You seem to want to do everything; how do you determine your 80/20?
  3. What’s the best creative advice you’ve ever been given?
  4. What is your worst habit?
  5. What percentage artist versus businessperson are you?
  6. What is the one thing you do that has been the biggest contributor to your success?
  7. You jumped without looking from business to art; what was that like?
  8. One year from now, what accomplishment are you celebrating?

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