AA07 Spend Money to Make Money

Yes, you’ve heard it everywhere, and it’s true. You have to be willing to invest in yourself and your craft to see it grow.
It IS an uncomfortable topic, but it’s a necessary one. So if you’re not talking about, or at least considering it, you’ll be caught unprepared!
Have you ever heard the term ‘tripping over dollars to pick up pennies?’
That’s what a lot of authors do, in terms of their time. Time IS money, so pay yourself well. You are your most important client.

What if you could make your writing FAST, FUN, and BETTER THAN EVER?

In the indie publishing world of rapid releases and blistering word counts, it's easy to end up burned out with subpar work, and a loss of the enjoyment that once fueled your craft.

There's a better way. Download your free copy of 'How to Write Fast' today...

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