AA08 What is on Tap for the Rest of the Year

Today, Sean discusses what’s to come for Sterling and Stone for the remainder of this year. He takes a brief few minutes to look at what’s happened so far, spending money to make money, and how that will play out in 2015. And more, what the lessons learned will be applied to 2016.

  • There are several projects in the works, and many of them coming to completion next year.
  • Legendary, our fantasy imprint.
  • Thoughts on the success of the podcast network.
  • The Iterate and Optimize book is being bumped!
  • Devil May Care, another ‘pure art’ book, has taken up the end of this year, even though it’s not going to sell very well.
  • There a new series coming out, a collaboration between Dave and Sean, and though we can’t say the name yet, it’s promising…
  • Sterling and Stone has ‘unpublished’ several stories, and they’re brushing them up for re-release.
  • Finally, Sean’s book recommendation for the week.

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