AA19 2016 Goals Part 2

‘shit’ said… explicit
Last episode, we got through the first three goals that Sterling and Stone has for 2016. Today, Sean talks more of the big achievements they hope to hit out of the park.

  • Sean hopes to get their first thousand users for Storyshop, but not at the expense of their ‘fiction first’ ideology. He talks about some of the underlying benefits of the Storyshop app, and the strategy they’ll be using to grow.
  • Parlay assets – they’re going to leverage everything they have instead of adding a lot of new stuff. Last year was a year of growth, and this year is one of development. Sean talks through the assets they’ll be focusing on for the year to come.
  • Take first major step into film – Sean talks possibilities, including a TV series as the ‘holy grail.’ With the guys’ experience in their own brand of serials, it’s a natural step. Also, web series, selling screenplays and more.
  • Go pro – polishing things, videos, book trailers, imprint trailers. Giving their ALL their products great packaging… including merchandise!

Tune in next week for the wrap-up of this year’s goals for Sterling and Stone!

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