Ask Us Anything 7/02/2015

6:28       What one thing have you done marketing wise that you think has had the most effect on your book sales?
Also, with the theme this year of optimizing, what is the biggest difference? how are you tracking changes?
8:19       I’m about to release my second book in a trilogy spending 2015 as my production year and starting marketing when my trio is done. Do you think this is a reasonable plan, and what marketing would you suggest I start with end of 2015-ish?
10:45     Have you ever published a book that did not go well?
As a new author, you are told to build your list, what is the best way to do this when you are starting from scratch.
13:18     Is the dream engine world still open to write in?
16:01     I loved episode 164 Trusting The Process. Really it was one of my favorites. Please have room in the 2.0 for free-form discussions like this.
17:20     How many people are on your list now?
18:30     How can I get on all of your lists? I seem to get only a few sporadically and would like to be more involved in your podcasts, events and writing. What is the url so I can sign up?
22:22     You had been funneling everyone into Sterling and Stone and now seemed to have stepped back it CI and Realm & Sands have you reconsidered marketing to specific genre’s?
24:41     Space Shuttle is going to be huge someday… In Japan. Do you guys use line editing or full on developmental editing?
28:59     Have you ever thought about adding other authors to Sterling & Stone like you did with Lexxi?
32:21     What about the Smarter Artist list? I tried to Join it a couple time but got no opt in email.
35:05     Are you guys moving away from serials and only doing series once your current ones are finished? Love the show and fiction. Axis of Aaron and White Space are my favorite.
39:34     As a romance author, what do you think or have you heard of authors seeing sales or brand recognition from posting in Face Book groups.
40:39     In Write. Publish. Repeat, you said the key to your business model was the high volume of output with lots of series. Do you believe that series should be finished before they are published? What if I were to release several books from different series? At what point would you reduce the price of the first volume in the series to free?
44:36     Do you see yourself writing more standalone novels after you have finished most of your ongoing series?
47:57     How can you tell if a specific story or story world is right for serials versus novel status? I imagine anything that can be serialized could stand as a novel but not necessarily the reverse would be true.
50:33     Sean prepared a nice program for using social media last year, but it seems S&S is not proceeding with that plan. Did you find that social media did not give you a good return for the time and money spent or was it for some other reason?
56:42     I’m a screen writer wanting to write fiction, but I’m having a problem getting out of present tense in a script.
1:03:09 Can you please make a mystery thriller series? Not you Dave, I hate it when the dog dies.
1:04:00 How do you make a book permanently free?
1:05:02 Besides your own brief discussion if non-fiction in Write. Publish. Repeat, what other books and/or authors would you recommend regarding outlining for non-fiction.
1:06:45 Should your strategy be finding phrase keywords that searchers will most likely enter, or using Amazons suggested single words to get into sub-categories?
1:09:21 Does inserting additional keywords meta-data in the header of the mobi file offer addition entry into search engine categories?
1:11:11 How does the Create Space Category Chosen when one publishes the print version of a book, synergize with the Kindle Categories? Strategies here…
1:11:52 I want to put a short story a month on my website. Each month the previous story would come down and a new one would go up. Then after a while, I would batch them together with a bonus story to purchase. Is there anyway to put a kill switch in e-book files so the book deletes or locks at the end of the month the way rentals do? Force an update, as I understand it, the owner of the device has to agree to update files or set it up as a periodical so people can read it for the month it’s free on their favorite device, or if I’ll have to have it on my website and people who don’t like it can buy it later?
1:14:57 I listened to the audiobook version of Write. Publish. Repeat and the narrator seemed to be completely different in tone from your podcast, was this a decision on your part or a decision or a decision of your publisher?
1:16:56 perhaps beyond the scope of self-publishing fiction, but what are your thoughts on self-publishing public interactions from social media; twitter, Google, blog comments ect, into say a non-fiction book? any legal or ethical considerations.
1:20:56 If you were a quality fantasy artist and wanted to write a fantasy novel, do you think it would help for sales? If so, how would you exploit/take advantage of your talent in your marketing?
1:22:24 If I’m doing a self-help sort of series, can I attempt to publish many times with different titles and covers but with a large portion of similar content in each? Does Amazon check the content?

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