AUA03 Ask Us Anything for August 2015

Just like every month, Johnny, Sean, and Dave answer listener questions about creativity, writing, and creating art in general.

  1. What is the best day of the week to launch a book?
  2. How should I price books for Kindle monthly deals?
  3. Do you guys look at budding authors to critique and possibly partner with? If not, who would you recommend?
  4. Is the S&S website still being redesigned? What WP template do you recommend for authors?
  5. Is Authorpreneur’s Almanac coming back?
  6. What were your favorite books growing up and what inspired you to write? I’m especially curious about Dave’s favorites.
  7. Do you have any resources that can help me learn to write more descriptively?
  8. How do you rank the importance of a self-hosted website in your marketing plan?
  9. If I did only one thing to promote my launch, what would that one thing be?
  10. How do I decide what to blog about, when it comes to fiction?
  11. I want to update some of my published books. Is it better to un-publish and start new, or update them on Amazon?
  12. How do you get those first few ‘true fans?’
  13. Are there any indies out there making thousands of dollars selling paper books?
  14. I’ve been struggling to get into/back into writing? I’m at a loss of ideas! What do I do?
  15. Do any of you ever feel responsibility to your characters, like you don’t want to offend them?
  16. Why do you prefer Mac over PC?
  17. Please explain that 30-day thing on Amazon again!
  18. How do you push past your fears and just… PUBLISH?
  19. How long does the 99 Designs process take from start to finish? How far out do you start working on those things before your book is ready to publish?
  20. I’m converting a novel to a serial, and I also draw comics. I was thinking about marketing with ‘deleted scenes’ comics; do you think that would work?
  21. Would you wait to launch a serial until you have a few polished episodes, or just go for it?
  22. What about a Sterling and Stone app that lets people know immediately when new stuff is released?
  23. Will you clarify how you do a pre-sell or first week promotion when you have bonus content?
  24. I’m having trouble getting reviews through my list. Am I attracting the wrong people?
  25. How do you funnel down a ton of ideas into one solid plan?
  26. Would you recommend setting up a table and selling books at local sci-fi/fantasy/etc. conventions? Is it worth the time?
  27. I just got a book about publishing from Amazon, and in the center of it, there were 30 pages about how to buy and convert a shipping container home. Wut?

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