AUA04 Ask Us Anything for September 2015

*Special note: Storyshop funded!
1.       How frequently do you revise your beats during the writing process, or should you revise them at all?
2.       How do you choose what domain name to use for your website?
3.       If we’re all going to die anyway, what’s the point?
4.       What can I do to prepare for 30 days of optimal writing, a la NaNoWriMo? Sean talks foreplay…
5.       My perfect title is already used, and my characters’ names are too like others… what are the risks of using them anyway?
6.       Are you guys going to release any more Udemy courses?
7.       Is your story software coming out this year?
8.       Outside a mailing list, what method would you use to get reviews for your books?
9.       Do you guys write exclusively in Scrivener? You’ve also mentioned Pages.
10.   For Dream Engine and CreateSpace, what font is the main body of the text?
11.   My novel has grown to a trilogy but I’m having trouble filling the second book with enough conflict and action. Any tips?
12.   Do Sean or Dave know Johnny’s real name?
13.   Do you notice any sales differences in a book categorized as YA for print?
14.   Is it just me or does everyone’s first book suck balls?
15.   How do you keep yourselves motivated to write every day?
16.   At what age did each of you lose your virginity?
17.   What are you guys: boxers or briefs?
18.   Why change the name from BOU?
19.   Would you ever do a re-release of a book with additional content?
20.   After years of trying to write a novel a molecule at a time, and now I’m trying to loosen up. Any advice in building your trust in your own first draft in writing?
21.   Is the app (Storyshop) going to be available for Windows 10?
22.   You guys talk about going wide, it seems like I’m putting a lot on the table for nothing. Any advice?
23.   Do you use beats to write short stories?
24.   I’m writing YA, and thinking to make the first book free. What’s a good strategy if you have no audience?
25.   Johnny mentioned he trained himself to write while listening to music. Is it a matter of powering through if it’s distracting at first? What kind of music do you listen to?
26.   Do you guys invest much time in metadata when publishing online?
27.   Have you ever sent your work to beta readers and received conflicting reviews, and how did you guide your decisions?
28.   Do you have any recommendations for hitting the ‘reset button?’ What’s your advice for doing so?
29.   Do you plan on using Storyshop in place of Scrivener or in conjunction with it?

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