AUA05 Ask Us Anything for October

Every month, Sean, Johnny, and Dave sit down with listeners and answer their questions, from the practical to the weird, and the relevant to the WTF. What were fans dying to know this month?
1.       In case you were wondering Storyshop was FULLY FUNDED! So this won’t be a StoryShop AUA episode.
2.       How will I know if he really loves me?
3.       What happened to Lexi Maxwell? I saw her books had been mostly removed from Amazon? And what about Max Power?
4.       Why have an editor when you have three sets of eyes?
5.       Do you have any opinions on or experience with giveaways to build a mailing list?
6.       I’m still not clear how StoryShop will relate to Scrivener. What about characters?
7.       Are you planning to pitch your screenplay scripts to Amazon Studios?
8.       Do you feel that all good stories should show the lead character growing into a different person than they were in the beginning?
9.       What do you use for keeping the timelines of your stories in order?
10.   Do you have a nuts and bolts article of how you organize Sterling and Stone?
11.   What do you do when and if you lose interest in a story at some point?
12.   My website needs to be two separate sites, one for fiction, and one for non-fiction. How should I approach that and what should I watch out for?
13.   Why do Johnny and Dave have interesting things in the background and Sean has a blank wall?
14.   For IRS purposes, what’s the difference between being a company and a solo artist?
15.   Do you ever take other authors and publish them on your imprint?
16.   What do you think about keeping free product on my website to build my list versus putting free products on Amazon?
17.   Any hints on when we’ll get Whitespace 3?
18.   How do I avoid confusion if my series includes satellite novels, novellas and short stories?
19.   I created a magic system I thought was unique, but then I read a book that has basically the same system, and the book is popular. Is it okay to just do my idea?
20.   If some big Hollywood producer approached you to write Carebears 3, would you do it, and what would the price point be?
21.   I’m about to genre-hop. I know you guys don’t recommend it, but do you have any advice since I’m doing it anyway?
22.   Over the last year, I’ve been hearing about building the email list. What about list fatigue for readers?
23.   Could you touch on the differences between AWeber and MailChimp?
24.   If you only have one book and are not sure when the next will come out, do you start building your list? What do you do?
25.   What do you guys think of the new Star Wars trailer?
26.   I have a big audience, but not enough to pay an editor. What should I do?

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