AUA07 Ask Us Anything for January 2016

AUA07 Ask Us Anything for January 2016

  1. If you were just starting out writing Yesterday’s Gone, would you go with episodes again?
  2. Will there be any writing clinics at the Smarter Artist Summit?
  3. Will Dave actually be at the Summit?
  4. What do you guys think is the key metric for keeping track of writing improvement?
  5. Given others are creating courses; is the opportunity passed? Will you do it, too, or focus on fiction only?
  6. Is Dave getting sexier?
  7. What happened with the Iterate and Optimize release?
  8. How do you keep from biting each other’s heads off?
  9. I got Fiction Unboxed; does it make sense to wait for 2.0 rather than pushing through 1.5 right now?
  10. How do I review a boxed set if you’ve read each book in the set and already reviewed it?
  11. If you offer a story perma-free, is there any problem charging for it in the box set or vice versa?
  12. Thanks for doing these; have you thought about doing a show about taxes for freelancers?
  13. Which story drained you the most emotionally, written or read?
  14. Will the Summit be an annual event?
  15. Are all your imprints publishing – or planning to publish – a book a month this year?
  16. Will the Legendary imprint be only Garrett and Sean, or will Dave and Johnny join in?
  17. What do you see as the greatest potential changes in 2016, and how will that affect business strategies, if at all?
  18. Do you ever take courses from other authors?
  19. I can’t make it to the Smarter Artist Summit this year; is there any way you can record the panels and discussions and make them available for purchase?
  20. Can you talk about writing to your audience, the pros and cons, etc.?
  21. Should I use different pen names for each genre?
  22. Everyone says you should write after your morning power routine, but my word count is 1/10th of what it is if I write later. How do I remind myself to write when I’m at my peak?
  23. What’s the best way to grow an email list?
  24. What do you do if you have an awesome character but don’t have a plot to put them in?
  25. Is there anything you guys are looking forward to writing one day?
  26. Do you know how to insert a unique identifier in each book?
  27. If you’re just starting with the first two books in a series, would you finish the series before starting out with new material?
  28. You don’t use beta readers; are you that confident in yourselves and each other?
  29. Are there an genres where you’d seek out traditional publishing over self publishing?
  30. Would you explain how to do the perma-free trick on Amazon?
  31. Do you have any thoughts on new Amazon previews?
  32. How do you keep up the pace after an emotionally draining book?
  33. Any resolutions for publishing a series this year?
  34. How do you go about using a pseudonym?
  35. How do you know when it’s time to stop researching and start drafting?
  36. How many books/volumes are ideal for Amazon series?
  37. Is there an application for Stone Table or is it invitation only?
  38. Are you still planning on writing romantic novels yourselves?

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