AUA08 Ask Us Anything for February 2016

AUA08 Ask Us Anything for February 2016

  1. Will there be print copies of Iterate and Optimize?
  2. What’s the best way to get reviews before publication?
  3. How is StoryShop coming along? Will it be ready by the Summit?
  4. Do you think 753 pages is too long for a book?
  5. Have you guys seen Deadpool yet?
  6. I’m a month away from publishing, and I’ve got books 1 and 2 and a novella, so what do I do next?
  7. Are there any plans to revive the nuts and bolts series?
  8. What laptops do you use for writing that could double for gaming?
  9. When you first started working together, how did you preserve friendship while providing critique and getting better?
  10. The Smarter Artist Summit looks like it will have a lot of great speakers; will it be arranged into breakout sessions?
  11. I published Season 1 of a series in KDP. I put them in Select for a while, so what can I do to take them off? Is there a strategy for free days, etc?
  12. Titling has become a problem for a series, as well as how they are listed in Amazon. Any hacks there?
  13. I finished my novel. Should I go digital and print, or just digital?
  14. Do you have recommendations for structural and line edits?
  15. Have you guys ever broken the fourth wall with your writing, i.e. a company website found in a book?
  16. When you first started out, did you feel like no one ‘got’ your writing?
  17. If Dave decided he didn’t want to work with Sean any more, would it ruin you guys?
  18. You have a current government, would you have the choice to pick something else?
  19. Will you guys be bringing more authors into the company in the future?
  20. If you have had good feedback and good reviews, what should I do?
  21. If you write multiple genres, should you have multiple pen names, and how do you present them?

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