AUA09 Ask Us Anything for May 2016

Ask Us Anything for May 2016

  1. I just finished a trilogy; do you think there’s any value to promote books two and three, or should I promote the first one as the lead in?
  2. What update do you have on the StoryShop app?
  3. Do you register or copyright with the US copyright office?
  4. I’m launching my first novel in September. I have five short stores and a small tribe; how do I convert them?
  5. About to do a 99Designs cover; what cover types will Amazon allow for ads and what should I avoid?
  6. What do you think of the new GoodReads/Kindle books?
  7. What are the options for links on Smashwords?
  8. I took a business class that talked about the list-building benefits of a webinar. Is there a fiction equivalent to a non-fiction webinar?
  9. What kind of self-talk did you guys give yourself to create a daily writing habit before you started making money with your books?
  10. How do you focus on fiction when copywriting is paying the bills?
  11. If a creator is looking to relocate to Austin, what should they be aware of?
  12. I learned that for every click a person has to click, you lose 17% to friction. Yes?
  13. Are there any valuable lessons you’ve learned by starting the Legendary imprint?
  14. Is there any reason to have a Nook or iBook author account if you already have one on Smashwords?
  15. Is there a special time that people buy books, i.e. weekends?
  16. Do you believe there’s an optimal number of books in a series, and how many?
  17. What do you guys think of the Kindle Scout program?
  18. If you’re writing serials, will you end up spending more on covers and editing?
  19. Is there a release date for Devil May Care?
  20. When and how should one find a mastermind, and is it worth it for fiction?
  21. What are your thoughts on publishing a paperback novella?
  22. How has the funnel changed for juvenile fiction changed since Write. Publish. Repeat.?
  23. When do you give away a book for free, and how do you do it?
  24. What would you do to launch your first book today, knowing what you know now?
  25. How do I get people to buy my books as a standup comedian?
  26. What happened to Lexi Maxwell?
  27. My top platform is Google Play, but it seems closed down to new people. Is that the case?
  28. Is perma-free still working?
  29. Do eBooks sell well on Google Play?
  30. Just published my first title on KDP Select; ultimately I’d like to go wide. What promotion tools are available on other platforms?
  31. What is your best recommendation for getting reviews for new authors without a list or following?
  32. What are some books, apps, etc., you’ve bought that make scriptwriting easier?
  33. What do you think of review-a-thons and award prizes? Is it legal?
  34. Could you do an episode comparing the pros and cons between KDP Select and Scout?
  35. How much actual WRITING does Sean do? Does he sleep?
  36. Will you consider publishing other indies?

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