AUA14 Ask Us Anything for July 2016

It’s time for another free-for-all Q and A with the guys from the Self Publishing Podcast, Sean Platt, Johnny B Truant, and David Wright.

  1. How do you guys come up with titles for your books?
  2. How would you recommend audiobooks be made?
  3. Do we have dates for the next Smarter Artist?
  4. What lessons did you learn running the Bootcamp?
  5. What is your advice for a writer about to start genre-hopping?
  6. Any strong thoughts on changing POV between installments of a series?
  7. What options do you prefer for your Print Space copy and why?
  8. Are you shifting all of your podcasts over to Zoom? What didn’t you like Hangouts?
  9. When is the SA book on writing craft going to be released?
  10. When you said you’ve gotten more strategic about genre-hopping, what did you mean?
  11. I heard Barnes and Noble was allowing self-publishers in their stores if you sell enough through Nook first, what do you think?
  12. What did you think of Mr. Robot?
  13. When you begin to create different imprints within your LLC with different genres, is there legality with this in terms of fictitious names?
  14. You said short stories don’t sell well on Amazon; is there a platform where the DO sell well?
  15. If you have your own ISBN numbers are there any issues using multiple printers simultaneously?
  16. What are your thoughts about putting a price on the bar codes?
  17. I have a growing list but haven’t talked to them; how do I promote my new book?
  18. When working with a collaborator, how can we move forward and brainstorm despite distractions and disagreements?
  19. Been struggling with Scrivener’s compile feature; will StoryShop allow me to abandon Scrivener?
  20. How do you combat losing passion in collaboration?
  21. As a new author with no readers, what are tips on building your audience under a pen name while staying anonymous?
  22. When plotting a story, do come up with the simple synopsis first?
  23. I’m close to uploading a series; how can I deal with permafree, Select, and exclusivity?
  24. What constitutes a series when all the books are in the same world, but under different genres and POV’s?
  25. Have you seen any movies that inspired you lately?
  26. I have 90,000 reads for my book on Wattpad; why would my readers follow me and pay money on another platform?
  27. Have you tried Facebook live?
  28. How do you recommend overlapping series and short stories?
  29. Any suggestions on how to price a book?
  30. Besides writing, what creative activities do you get up to?
  31. I have a series all written, 11 books, would it be weird to space out the release dates, and how should I do it?
  32. SmashWords has been giving me a hard time with uploads and Scrivener format, what should I do?
  33. What will StoryShop backers get long-term?
  34. What advice do you have for people who suck at marketing, other than ‘get over it?’
  35. Any thoughts on Kindle Scout? What about royalties, etc.?
  36. Is there a publishing platform that allows royalties to be split between two or more parties?
  37. When can we expect Audible releases for The Beam and Invasion?
  38. Can I use movie, book, and song lyrics/phrases in my book?
  39. What’s the status on the AI module of StoryShop?
  40. I’ve got a book ready to go and nothing else; what should I do?
  41. Could you do a quick wrap-up of the various platforms for indies?
  42. Will you have a Hemmingway or Grammarly function in StoryShop?
  43. Would you make your style guide public?
  44. I started with KDP Select; when is a good time to go wide?
  45. What does KDP Select do besides give you extra royalties?

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