Being a Healthier Writer with Roland Denzel (SPP 122)

Being a writer can be pretty unhealthy, especially since you sit on your butt all day, moving little else than your brain and fingers. That’s why Roland Denzel volunteered to come on this week and teach us a thing or two about being a healthier writer (and no, it wasn’t just to bust Dave’s balls).
Before Roland got on, the guys talked about how amazing our Sterling & Stone site is coming along. Yes, we’re doing a lot of things at once, and yeah, we can barely keep up some times. But that doesn’t mean the site isn’t worth checking out. One new thing we’re starting is the Indie Fiction Podcast, which, if you like podcast fiction, you won’t want to miss.
Once Roland joined the party, the conversation got remarkably… healthy. Here are a few key topics they touched on:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Roland’s Health Background
  • Simple stretches you can do
  • Ergonomic keyboards
  • Standing desks and treadmill desks

You might be surprised by some of the stuff Roland shared. But if you want to keep creating your art for years to come, being healthy and working healthy are things you’ll want to look into. Enjoy the show!
Here’s the video version:

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11 Replies to “Being a Healthier Writer with Roland Denzel (SPP 122)”

  1. J'aime

    I get Dave’s comment about how changing habits is hard. It’s not just fitness habits, it’s anything – writing every day, meditating every day, whatever you want to start doing, if it is a change, it is crazy hard. Starting is hard, and once you (inevitably) fall off the wagon, you have to start *again.*
    Roland’s advice about starting small is great. Sometimes you have to start very small, so small that it seems like it is pointless, but if it is small enough that you can do it, you can start forming a habit.

    • J'aime

      Thought of another thing later last night. For a while I was super good about going to the gym, and it was the only period of my life that was true, and here’s how I did it. I got an audiobook that I was only allowed to listen to while I was riding the stationary bike. LOL. It only works if the book is something fun, not dutiful, and if you are honest about not cheating by listening to it other times.
      After I did this for a while, I got to where I thought about the stationary bike and my next thought, instead of “ick,” was “space opera adventures.” That was awesome. I’ve totally fallen off the wagon now (arg), maybe I should take my own advice again.

  2. Adam Alexander Haviaras

    Great episode, guys! Health is something we often overlook when we’re hunkered down in our own worlds.
    Johnny mentioned doing yoga, and I definitely have to agree with him on that. For the longest time I stayed away from it (isn’t that just for girls? – my ignorance). But my wife convinced me to try it at a local studio with her and it changed my life. However, taking the time to go to a yoga studio takes away from other things like writing. When my instructor left the studio, I stopped going and found the amazing yoga app called Yoga Studio (
    This thing is amazing and caters to all levels from beginner to advanced. You can do it at home and with just a short session a day, you can help to counter the harm we are doing to ourselves by sitting so much.
    Roland will probably agree that yoga should be balanced with some kind of other resistance exercise, but every little helps.
    I’ve found that fitting in the yoga has helped me to think more clearly, feel better physically, and as a result to be a more efficient writer.
    Ps. The new logo rocks!

    • Roland Denzel

      Yoga can be awesome!
      But, yogis often don’t realize that their students are sedentary creatures, with limited mobility. Many of their other students are athletic or have always been limber, so they sometimes think ‘everyone’ can do it. Everyone can do yoga, but you have to consider that every yoga position might not be good for you.
      Exercise (whatever exercise one chooses) is a supplement for the movement we no longer do. We need to move more, and not just for weight management, but for health, overall. ‘Movement’ can be yoga, pilates, strength training, sprinting, and should ALWAYS be plenty of walking.

  3. Ronnie

    Awesome episode – packed full of great information. I’ve written 4 books in the last year ad gained 7 pounds in the process. Wouldn’t change the book part, the 7 pounds I’m not liking. Nobody notices, but I sure do, my body feels so out of shape. Butt in chair is not good for the ol’ body.
    I do have a treadmill downstairs …
    Thanks again for an on-topic show.
    PS – all four book covers and logo from 99 designs ’cause of you and I am super happy with them all!

    • Roland Denzel

      It’s an ugly truth to hear, but nutrition is a huge part of it. Not just eating healthy, but calories really do count, even with the healthiest of foods.
      The govt’s slogan of ‘eat less, move more’ has truth behind it, but has no method of making sure you actually eat less and move more. Good advice without a way to implement and track it is not good advice, unfortunately.
      Logging food (a food journal) and tracking activity (via something like a fitbit) is a good place to start!

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