Better Off Undead #124 – Dave vs Common Core Math

Here’s a classic for you guys this week, full of some old tropes we haven’t seen for a while. We should vote in the comments if BOU should become a call-in show, where we choose the topic each week, and they (meaning Dave) have to just improv their way through the show!
Some of the not-to-be-missed topics this week:

  • How crappy BOU has become…
  • …and how much the show has changed since it’s conception
  • What can be done to improve BOU
  • Dave’s issue with Swedish interviewers (yeah, we were all surprised, here!)
  • What core math is and why you should hate it
  • Dave and Johnny’s attitude about school/homework/assignments
  • Dave’s fear of “certain numbers”

Here’s the video version:

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