Better Off Undead #120 – Sean Hates Magenta

So we recently had a whole color debacle with a photo of a dress, and this week, the guys went off on another clothing-and-color-related topic—What color is the shoe on the cover of My Stepbrother the Groom?
Is it Berry? Paprika? Some kind of redish pink? But oh, no, it CAN’T be magenta. Anything but magenta!
Yes, we normally make fun of Dave on this show, but this week, the guys focused their sights on Sean and his wonky response to Johnny’s suggestion that the shoe might be magenta.
You’ll have to listen to the show to see how it was resolved!
Here’s the video version:

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One Reply to “Better Off Undead #120 – Sean Hates Magenta”

  1. Greg Thomas

    Holy crap! How was this not titled, “The One Where Dave Scares the Shit Out of Us” or “The One Where We Finally Learn What Dave Thinks Is Funny…”? That movie idea was in waayyyy too much detail. I just realized Dave doesn’t want anyone to know where he lives so that it’s harder to find him when the cops finally begin their manhunt.

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