Better Off Undead #121 – Sean Teaches His Daughter the C-Word

This is a weird one. We start with Dave ranting against his city government, all because the city complained about the weeds in his yard. But the rant dried up too quickly to end the show with it…
…so Sean got to talk about how he taught his daughter the C-Word (which became the title topic of the episode). That lead to a too-serious conversation about parenting and language and child anxiety, etc, etc.
The absolute best part of this episode is how it ends. But I’m going to tell you about that. You’ll have to listen to the end to get THAT happy ending!
Here’s the video version:

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2 Replies to “Better Off Undead #121 – Sean Teaches His Daughter the C-Word”

  1. Jim Wilbourne

    Wow, this podcast took 2 very dramatic twists.
    My son is only 2, but all of these things still terrify me. I’m hoping I can handle everything well.
    I’m certainly dreading the c-word conversation.

  2. Colleen Sheehan

    To Dave-
    I feel like I’ve been stalking you guys like a total creep and I debated doing this, but I could hear your really serious concern over your son’s anxiety so I just wanted to make a suggestion (and further my way to sounding like a nut, of course).
    My wife also suffers from anxiety (one of a few things). Anxiety caused by a chemical imbalance is bizarre because it doesn’t seem to come from anywhere: it’s just ‘wow, I think the world’s going to explode on my head today,’ and hits like a brick. It sounded like that might be what it looks like. If that is the problem (and perhaps it is, especially if it persists for a long time with no explanation), we’ve made some fairly helpful changes to her diet that’s made world’s of difference. And I mean from literally sitting around all day and crying because she couldn’t think about writing to now officially working on her third book and picking up several thousand words a day speed.
    I don’t want to blabber about it all here, but if you want to shoot me an e-mail to hear about the changes we made, I’d totally love to see if I could help you help him. And I’m not trying to sell you anything, it’s mostly about switching around what he’s eating. No one should have to suffer with that crap, and I totally get the feeling of helplessness in watching a loved one go through it.
    Feelin’ for ya,

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