Bookstrapping Your Way to a Bestseller with Tucker Max (SPP #125)

This week the guys talked to Tucker Max about his new book, “Bookstrapping Your Way to a Bestseller.” Whether you’ve read the book or not, there was a lot of good stuff in this episode.
First, the show began with the new SPP intro, along with an explanation for why SPP needed a new intro. The key difference is the disclaimer (“…mileage may vary…”). Always keep in mind that the decisions these guys make in their self-publishing business isn’t necessarily the best decision for everyone. Pay more attention to why they do what they do and never follow blindly.
A bit of news: The “Scrivener for Beats” videos are up on Udemy, and the folks who supported Fiction Unboxed at a level high enough to get that will also get a code to see the videos directly from Udemy.
Why use Udemy? The guys are hoping to have a lot more stuff up there in the future, so they’re racing to break into the new market now.
While waiting for Tucker to appear, the guys also talked about the restaurants they went to at last week’s summit, a conversation that only turned into a rant when Tucker got on. His opinions about restaurants are as ranty as they are entertaining.
Ah, finally, the guys started talking about self-publishing half-way through the episode. Tucker told the story behind his new “Bookstrapping” book, which he admits will be most helpful to nonfiction writers. He also ranted about the supposed “book marketing gurus” that have never launched a true bestseller themselves.
Tucker’s advice really has to do with baking marketing into your book from the start and having in mind your ideal reader. Even though he focuses mostly on nonfiction, the group did talk about the differences in marketing fiction and non and what a fiction author can do to get more exposure. They also mused about how we need a better system for book referrals, a problem someone will hopefully solve one day soon.
All in all, this show gets an A+ for ranty hilarity and helpful insights on marketing from a gang of pros.
Watch the video version here:

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13 Replies to “Bookstrapping Your Way to a Bestseller with Tucker Max (SPP #125)”

  1. Ronnie Pelletier

    Dave – you are so awesome! You say what you want, take the jabs, sit back and listen, and can be counted on for intelligent and bang-on comments.

  2. Jessie Haynes

    I am so glad you had Tucker on again.
    He’s got to be one of the smartest people about publishing out there, and he gives great advice.
    Loved this episode.
    Please think of more reasons to have Tucker on 😉
    In other notes, GoodReads is kind of known for being the breeding ground for some truly vicious readers. When will there be a Pandora for books? Someone get on that!

  3. Michael

    Great show. Good marketing insights.
    Johnny made a comment that you’ve seen a lot of crossover with nonfiction readers buying fiction and he thought that made no f-ing sense. Personally, I’ve read a ton of R&S and CI title because I want to see how you implement what you talk about and I want to support the show. Almost every time I hear an author interview on SPP, Simon’s Rocking podcast, Creative Penn or another podcast, I end up with another book or two on my stack so I can see those authors’ works. If nothing else, it helps remind me I can do this and I just need to get back to work.

    • Jacob

      Hey, I’ve often done the same thing, Michael! Actually, that’s how I fell in love with both CI and R&S stuff. I was curious and couldn’t stop reading.
      Smart people learn from other smart people, right? 🙂

  4. Terri McMillan

    I had WPR recommended to me by my first critique partner who told me it was worth the investment, unlike most of the books out there. If Cindy recommends it to me then I buy it, which ties into the data that Tucker talks about. That said, it was through WPR I found the SPP, and from there the fiction starting with a sample of Fornevermore. Now I am a Goner and whatever you call those who love the Beam. So it makes perfect sense to me that the nonfiction led to the fiction.
    I did have a question about the Udemy courses for Scrivener, is that for Kickstarters or Unboxers and do we have an idea of when that will be available?
    If this is posted elsewhere, my apologies, I am falling behind in my blog reading – Season Five takes priority.

    • Anita

      If you hover over “Login” in the top menu, you’ll find your link to Fiction Unboxed here (if you have moved over, if not, you can do so from the FU site – check the last post there).
      On the FU page here, you’ll find a link to the Udemy course right near the top.
      (I assume that you’re an Unboxer) 😀

  5. Robert Stone

    Bookstrapping seems to have dropped off the planet. If you could update us with some info, it would be very appreciated.

  6. Tari Akpodiete

    Thanks for the link. I’ve been looking everywhere for this book since I heard about it on the Creative Penn podcast. Then I found your podcast, and downloaded this episode. Of course, I hoped to be able to get my hands on it, and you didn’t disappoint.

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