BOU #109 – Let's Imagine Dave at Disneyland

Ah, Dave at Disneyland. Just imagine how fun it would be! That’s exactly what kept going through Johnny’s head on his recent vacation to the big DL.
Of course, discussion of Dave at a theme park set him off on how horrible Disney World (which is closer to his home) is, full of people and children and those deadly, deadly rides.
This week’s show did have a few secondary rants that are definitely worth listening to, just in case poo-pooing on Space Mountain isn’t your thing. They include:

  • Dave hates Pampered Chef
  • Dave not having enough bowls (tee-hee, tee-hee)
  • How Dave’s wife puts up with him
  • Why Dave almost became a cop

How can you not love this stuff?
Here’s the video version:

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3 Replies to “BOU #109 – Let's Imagine Dave at Disneyland”

  1. Greg Thomas

    Dave, someone may have already pointed this out, but you might be using the Pampered Chef can opener wrong. It took me a while, too, but you clamp it horizontally on top of the can. It’s cool because it cuts it without any sharp edges. I’d be happy to send a video or something if you’d like. Or maybe just your can opener sucks, which is probably the case.

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