BS03 Annihilation Extras

Wonder what went on behind the scenes while Annihilation, part of the Invasion series, was being written? Join in as Johnny and Sean talk about their experience of writing this book in the series.

  • One of the guys’ prime directives was that the story had to move fast.
  • Find out why Raj stuck around for so long.
  • Why Meyer and Raj were so successful.
  • Find out how The Incredibles played a part in the thought process of the book.
  • Learn how Colonization was a huge setup for Annihilation’s Meyer.
  • A sneak peek about the ‘bomb in the closet’ that has big implications to come.
  • How Meyer’s ‘tacked on’ part wasn’t actually just tacked on.
  • The real places and things that inspired parts of the Invasion series.

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