BS04 Nightblade Extras

Today, Sean and Garrett talk about Nightblade, the first book of the series with the same name. Find out what went on behind the scenes during the book’s creation.

  • These spoilers will ONLY be for Nightblade, so feel free to listen if you haven’t read the following books
  • Pre-Nightblade, the process that led to a book called Rebel Yell
  • How Garrett decided to break down and write a ‘small’ story because he wasn’t ready for the bigger epic, and how it helped him get there
  • The art of world building with smaller books
  • How characters are fleshed out, and when: before, during the outline, or during the writing
  • How Garrett fleshed out the nations and cultures
  • Garrett talks about what surprised him most during writing Nightblade
  • The tease that Nightblade does so very well
  • Which character reminds Nightblade’s readers of Professor Snape
  • How Garrett ended Nightblade with enough closure, but to also lead into the next story
  • Garrett decides to make a strong assertion that the book is not Young Adult; one of his characters goes out of her way to prove this

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