Better Off Undead #115 – Dave Explains Why Humanity Sucks

As Dave explains in this week’s episode, Sean has been trying to share “something awesome” each week in SPP.
As a way to counteract that awesomeness, Dave decided he’d share something dark and depressing each week in BOU. This week: Dave shares a news story that helps us see why humanity sucks.
Oh, and if you want further insight into Dave’s way of thinking, check out this video Dave made about Redacted, a short story currently available to Platinum Readers:
Here’s the video version:

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One Reply to “Better Off Undead #115 – Dave Explains Why Humanity Sucks”

  1. John

    The story Dave read about the 6-year-old boy being kidnapped by his own family was widely reported here in Central Missouri, where I live; but I haven’t seen a follow up. This incident proves a significant point Gavin de Becker has made in his writings. Essentially, children have more to fear from those they know than from strangers. Think of child abusers, etc. De Becker recommends, for example, if a child gets separated from his family in a public place, he/she should look for a woman–perhaps a woman with children–who would be inclined to help. the “stranger danger” thing is real, but blown out of proportion.

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