SPP215 Frictionless Marketing with Damon Courtney

A lot of authors struggle with delivering ebooks on their own. Today’s guest, Damon Courtney, has a great solution for authors to deliver books directly to their readers and fans – BookFunnel. Learn how to sell direct with frictionless marketing!

  • Something cool: StoryShop Beta is LIVE!!!!!! Dave has a cryptic something cool that hints at his next project. Sean says to google ‘Google Parisian Love Story Video.’ That’s not a typo. It’s a great storytelling ad for a search engine. Johnny has selfish cool things – a new computer, Invasion downloads are awesome, and he finally discovered Pandora.
  • Sean complains about friction with BookBub and hits at the guest’s awesomeness.
  • Damon joins the guys, and talks about delivery of books, and getting customers into the sales funnel.
  • Sean explains how Book Funnel allows you to market without marketing.
  • Johnny explains how, while this isn’t an hour long ad for Book Funnel, the platform has helped them slash the time spent explaining side-loading significantly.
  • Sean discusses how bad experiences for your readers can erode their trust in you.
  • The guys discuss different ebook formats, how Amazon makes docs worse for strategic reasons, and what that means for authors who deliver their books that way.
  • Damon reveals the Kindle app that won’t allow readers to side load.
  • Dave asks about the possibility of delivering audiobooks.
  • Damon talks about some of the biggest marketing successes he’s seen, and the strategies authors use for exclusivity.
  • Ever wanted to split test book covers? You can do that!
  • Ever thought about using epilogues to get people on your email list? It works!
  • Damon talks about getting started with BookFunnel, and the different pricing structures that are incredibly affordable. That might sound like an ad, but Damon’s vision is to make the platform available for ANY author.
  • Damon talks about what is on the horizon for BookFunnel.

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