IO05 Hard Truth of Business with Tucker Max

Explicit at 5:20, 5:45, 6:50, 8:20, 10:20, 11:30, 16:50, 17:50, 19:15, 20:50, 21:55, 23:55,
Tucker Max is a multiple NYT bestselling author, and today he talks about transition from writer to businessperson.

  • How did that transition go for you?
  • Were there a lot of false starts along the way?
  • Do you find that your notoriety of your former business haunts you now?
  • Has the criticism come back to bite you?
  • Now that you have a team, what are you doing to build your list?
  • How much of what you do is networking?
  • What’s been the biggest challenge for you along the way?
  • Has becoming an author affected the way you do business?
  • Have you become more self-aware at this point in your life?

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