Multi-Platform Distribution with Draft2Digital's Dan Wood (Self Publishing Podcast #160)

Multi-Platform Distribution with Draft2Digital's Dan Wood Self Publishing Podcast #160
This week we welcome Dan Wood, Director of Author Relation’s for Draft2Digital, to talk about how to make the most of a multi-platform distribution with Draft2Digital. The result is an intense episode packed with actionable information that should not be missed. In fact, you may want to listen to this episode multiple times if you are serious about your own multi-platform approach to self publishing.
One of the biggest take-a-ways is the fact that Draft2Digital doesn’t use the same systems to deliver content to retailers that an individual author does. As a result, authors can bypass some of the short comings of working directly with providers like iBooks and Nook.
Dan discusses:

  • How subscription services like Scribd and Oyster pay differently than Kindle Unlimited and may be more author centric.
  • Where to focus when going international.
  • How to get promotions in the iBooks store.
  • Yes you can have free books on Barnes and Noble.
  • What you might be doing that’s causing lower numbers on non-Amazon retailers.
  • How Draft2Digital can help you get higher royalties and much more.

Here’s the video version. The interview with Dan Wood starts at 16:45

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