Promotions, Bundles, and More with Kobo's Mark Lefebvre (Self Publishing Podcast #153)

Everybody loves Kindle, or at least they are trained to think that they have to love it. KDP Select is just making publishing exclusive to Amazon more and more tempting, but not any less frustrating to Johnny (or anyone else with a strong, and reasonable, revulsion to having all your eggs in one basket).
If only there were a publishing company that offered enticing deals, custom coupons, and an otherwise business-savvy setup to help authors sell books.
Wait, that sounds like Kobo! Mark from Kobo came on today to tell us about all the awesome stuff Kobo Writing Life has going on, stuff that will make any indie author start salivating for sure.
You’ll have to listen to the show to hear all the benefits Kobo can offer, plus some hot tips for improving your international sales in Kobo (and everywhere else!).
Questions answered in the show:

  • How safe is Scrivener compared to typing directly in the cloud?
  • Where can I find a collaborator/writing partner?
  • Can/Should I package a bunch of short stories of different genres together?

Here’s the video version:

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