Killer Publishing Apps with Seth Atwood (Self Publishing Podcast #157)

Masterbeats—a new apps for writers, which will be finished and out sometime in the near future—is probably the best thing to happen to indie authors since Write Publish Repeat hit the stores. You’ll love all the features this baby will have, as explained by none other than Seth Atwood, the developer spearheading the app’s creation.
Seth has some amazing ideas for this app. Here are just a few features mentioned on this week’s show:

  • Templates for story structure
  • Accessibility on line and as an app for just about any device, so you can beat on the go
  • Default character pictures and actors’ headshots, so you can cast your characters
  • Sample questions that come to you randomly, so you can “interview” your characters and get to know them better.
  • The ability to collaborate and share beats with others, right in the app

Totally stoked to see this app come to life? Join the club! We’ll have periodic updates on the show and on our site, so you can stay in the loop as Masterbeats is developed! Also, you should check out the the latest on what Seth is up to!
Here are some of the questions that were answered:

  • How viable is Rain Maker for authors? Do the guys recommend it?
  • Is using Amazon’s advertising services a good idea?
  • If you get a cover at 99 Designs, can you reuse the cover for other books?

Here’s the video version:

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8 Replies to “Killer Publishing Apps with Seth Atwood (Self Publishing Podcast #157)”

  1. Ingrid Hardy

    Right in the middle of listening to this podcast (not sure you read the comments here) and wanted to comment before I forget. Because I forget things.
    I’m a Scrivener user and love it, but am looking forward to seeing this app, and will almost certainly want to purchase. Would there be any hope for having some kind of support for using a lot (a whole lot) of images in books? To really be able to set up a visual-based book proper-like? There are programs for that but are founded around either comics or children’s picture books, and are not really all that flexible for image-heavy books that don’t fall into those two categories.
    LOVE your podcast and journey, and hope this isn’t too stupid a question. 🙂

    • Sean Platt

      Late August will be the first demo. It will be an Indie Go Go campaign. If it gets funded we should have the first working version a few months after that. If it doesn’t, it will be an awesome idea that just didn’t quite happen.

  2. Quentin

    Kindle Worlds: any opinions/experience with this? Looks like something to grab new customers, piggybacking on other author’s work. But it looks like it’s losing steam?

  3. Jim Wilbourne

    This one kept me giggling like little a boy.
    Question: will you post a blog when you have a suggestion box for the app? Or make some sort of poll so we all can vote one the first features to get included?

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