State of the Industry with Damon Courtney from Bookfunnel

Once upon a time, there was a fiction writer who wanted to send a free copy of his book to his mom. But he didn’t want her to have to read it in a word doc on her desktop. He wanted her to see the book in its finished form, with the cover and copyright and all the rest. And he wanted her to read it on her e-reader, just like any other published book.

Back in 2015, the solution didn’t exist, but luckily Damon Courtney had the drive and technical know-how to create it. Damon is the founder of Bookfunnel, which is now the industry standard for delivering free books to readers. Whether it be getting advanced copies of books to ARC teams, or rewarding subscribers to newsletters with extra “secret” stories, Bookfunnel has become the very best way to get free books onto the electronic reading devices of readers everywhere.

Listen in to hear more about the Bookfunnel story, why you need it, and go here to get your own account:

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