State of the Industry with Erin Wright on Apple

Erin Wright is a contemporary western romance author who also runs the fantastic online/Facebook Group called Wide For The Win. Erin was initially invited onto the podcast in place of having someone on from Apple since it is very difficult (maybe impossible) to get someone from Apple on a podcast to talk about the state of the industry, but her interview gave us all so much more.

Erin has been very successful with her books in the Apple store, but she also has an excellent track record of making her catalog sell well wide, across multiple bookselling sites and platforms, (as in providing a full-time income), and she has been helping others to do the same.

Listen in to find out how Erin does it and how she helps others do it too.

If you are an author who wants to publish your books wide (rather than exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program) then check out the Wide for The Win Facebook group here. You can also learn more about Erin Wright here.

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