State of The Industry with Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is a North Star in the Self-Publishing Industry. She is someone who was already there when the guys first got started, and most people think of them as being there from the very start. She has written, published, and podcasted consistently for over a decade. She has seen fads and trends come and go, and through it all, she has kept her focus, (only occasionally and momentarily letting herself get distracted by any shiny object). Sean says her podcast, The Creative Penn, was the first podcast he ever listened to and Niamh also says that she followed Joanna even before she started following the guys.

For all of these reasons and many more, Joanna is someone worth listening to when it comes to the current state of the industry. Listen to this episode to learn why she is as excited right now as she has ever been for indie publishing and why she never believes the hype when anyone claims that the sky is falling.

After listening to this episode, be sure to go to The Creative Penn to tune in for Episode 500 (yep, that’s right, she has recorded 500 episodes!!!) for her lessons learned in over a decade of self-publishing.

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