State of The Industry with Will Dages from Findaway Voices

It’s no secret that the audiobook segment of the publishing industry has been growing in recent years. In the last 9 months of stay-at-home orders and quarantines, people have been listening to audiobooks more than ever. But a lot of indie authors don’t know how to break into the audiobook market. How do you find the right narrator and get the right recording quality necessary for platforms like Audible and Chirp?

Well, Will Dages from Findaway Voices is there for you. Findaway Voices is as close to being the Draft2Digital of audiobooks as anyone in the industry is. They have a whole host of narrators that they help match to the books that are best for their voices and match the voices that are best for your books. Or if you have the setup and the voice for it and really want to read your own books, you can upload the audio files yourself.

Listen in to learn more about Findaway Voices and all things audiobook, and when you’re ready to set up a Findaway Voices account yourself, go to

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