Self Publishing Tutorial Videos with Garrett Robinson (SPP #123)

This week, the guys had Garrett Robinson on to talk about a new and exciting video series soon to appear on Youtube and Sterling & Stone, which we’re aptly calling Nuts and Bolts.
Nuts and Bolts will be a regular, weekly series on the S&S blog. Made by Garrett, they’ll walk you through the how-to’s of everything self publishing, from how to upload your book to KDP to how to design a smart sales funnel. If you’ve seen the thousands of screen-capture how-to’s already online, you may feel pretty nonplussed about this new project, but Nuts and Bolts will aim to stand apart from everything already out there by taking on a Lynda-like, professional style.
Listen to the show to find out why Mondays just might become your new favorite day!
Here’s the video version:

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3 Replies to “Self Publishing Tutorial Videos with Garrett Robinson (SPP #123)”

  1. Jon

    I just finished my second go through of this podcast. This one talks about how Garrett continues to make amazingly helpful videos about how to do stuff. That’s what you hear when you listen “front to back” at normal speed.
    My second listen is to check for backmasking. This one is a doozy. If you listen to this SPP backwards, you’ll learn that Garrett is an evil bastard. Let’s just say he talks a lot about ‘kittens’ and ‘The Dark Master.’ He’s an evil genius. I can’t give you all the details because my R’lyehian keyboard is broken or possessed or something. Maybe repossessed. Please, for the love of kittens and your sanity, ignore this episode, or become his Acolyte. If feel sanity slipping from me, even now…
    Praise Garrett! Klaato Barada Necktie!

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