Selling on Barnes & Noble with Nookpress's Julia Coblentz (Self Publishing Podcast #159)

Once you’ve decide to step outside Amazon, you need to understand the best ways to market for each platform. This week we delve deep into Nookpress, and who better to learn to tips and tools to succeed on Nook from than Julia Coblentz, the senior marketing manager for Nookpress.
Julia discusses:

  • Why 3D box images don’t work well on nook
  • Best tips to get traction
  • Specific nook marketing promotions for Independent authors

Then, just when we thought we’d heard it all, Johnny blows us away with the idea of segmenting their list by reader platform. This is an information packed episode that should not be missed.
Hereโ€™s the video version:

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8 Replies to “Selling on Barnes & Noble with Nookpress's Julia Coblentz (Self Publishing Podcast #159)”

  1. Blaine Moore

    I’m sure that the new iteration of the SPP will be just as great as the current version, but at least for myself, I tune in every week for an hour of entertainment as much as I do for the information in each episode. Meandering is part of the charm and one of the things I actually like about the show.

    • Roland Denzel

      I’m afraid so.
      Don’t waste time, money, or other people’s time by making things ‘better’ when apparently you guys don’t even know why people listen to begin with. It’s certainly not for the advice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • sean

        LOL. We’re just trying to tighten things up a BIT. There will still be plenty of rambling, but we just want things to be better than they are.

  2. Lindsay

    Very cool that you guys got someone from B&N on! I really had no idea that indie authors could get in contact with them and offer to guest blog post and such. I know I’ve been picked up for a couple of their promos, but would never have thought to actually ask about it.
    Good luck with the new direction of the show. I think it sounds great. I love you guys, but do usually skip the intro stuff and ad read (sorry, 99 Designs! :D). Take care, and stay awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jim Starr

    Hey, maybe it’s too late (or not the place for this) but I followed the link to try out Sally Hogshead’s personality assessment, but the copyblogger code didn’t work. I wonder if you guys have heard anything similar from anyone else.

  4. Blaine Moore

    Lewis Howes interviewed her a week or two ago and mentioned a similar code (schoolofgreatness if memory serves) – you could try that.

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