SPP255 Practical Masterminds for Introverts with Liz Scully

Sean totally screws up and announces Beth as our guest, but really, it’s mastermind expert and people person Liz Scully. As writers, we sometimes tend to live in our story worlds instead of the real world. But if you want to grow in writing AND business, it’s worth your time to go out into the sun and bask in the brains of other people.

  • Networking is awkward, so Liz created the Story Ladder to do away with it, and to change the way we remember events.
  • Liz and the guys discuss the difference between conversations and story ladders, and how they help introverts join in.
  • Liz shares the 5 things every mastermind is about: goals, self-care, mindset, dealing with fear, and accountability.
  • One of the most famous masterminds was Inklings of Oxford: JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, and others, who discussed how to get their books published.
  • Sean and Liz talk about how to get into masterminds as an introvert, including finding people with similar goals. They also explain how NOT to find mastermind members.
  • Be careful not to get tunnel vision. Include people outside your field who can bring interesting ideas and new perspectives.
  • What’s more important in a mastermind, giving or receiving? It’s giving, and Liz explains why.
  • You must put yourself in other environments to truly SEE yourself, and breaking your routine is a great way to do that.
  • Sean and Liz discuss ways that introverts on a budget can get out, talk with smart people, and get smarter faster themselves.
  • If a mastermind doesn’t work out for you, or you have a member who doesn’t belong, you simply leave, or get rid of that person. It’s about growth.

Something Cool:

  •  Dave loves the show called Legion, a show based on a Marvel comic and X Men. Sean makes a one-sided deal.
  • Johnny’s cool thing is making a date with each of his kids, and doing it mindfully.
  • Sean is getting a puppy! It’s a labradoodle and Dave poops all over it with gloom and doom.

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