SPP 242 Self Publishing Year in Review

Don’t you love podcasts where a ton of wisdom is distilled down into one episode? Then you’ll love today’s show. We take a look back at some of our favorite guests from 2016, and the wisdom they shared. What’s more, we do it through the lens of the Smarter Artist, and the 5 elements that makes them succeed.
What are those elements?
Know Your Why
A Smarter Artist will make (or at least try to make) all her decisions through the lens of her own unique purpose and goals.
Do The Work
A Smarter Artist will always roll up his sleeves and take ownership of every step of writing and publishing, either doing the work themselves or hiring smart people, but never abdicating or handing over career decisions to a gatekeeper.
Ask For Help
A Smarter Artist is smart as shit, but never strives to be the smartest person in the room. She surrounds herself with other smart people and isn’t afraid to ask for advice or help.
Be Authentic
A Smarter Artist always stays true to who he is, and never presents himself as something he’s not.
Believe in Abundance
A Smarter Artist knows there’s plenty of room for everyone, and that we’ll all get better when we work together, giving, encouraging, and supporting each other along the way.
Want to dig deeper into what you heard today? Here are all the episodes where we got our clips:

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