SPP180 The Amazing StoryShop App, with Seth Atwood

Today’s show is all about Sterling and Stone’s new app, StoryShop, which promises to be the type of app that will help you write better stories, faster! This app isn’t meant to replace any of your favorite apps like Scrivener, but to work in tandem with them. In fact, you can export directly to Scrivener! Learn about the features offered that you won’t find any other app for writers.

  • Something cool: the STANDING Dave, Sean’s Fitbit, Dave’s new video game obsession
  • Seth, the programmer for the app, explains the different parts of the app, from character to beats, and world building to scene writing.
  • The character page functions very much like a social networking profile. By filling it all out and establishing relationship connections, your characters will be stunningly deep.
  • Learn what ‘character DNA’ is, and how it deepens the character creation process.
  • One of StoryShop’s most fundamental axioms is ‘connect everything.’ There are amazing functions like hyperlinking, analyzing character appearances across scenes, and so much more.
  • StoryShop isn’t a set it and forget it app on the part of the developer; it will be iterated based on community feedback.
  • The first iteration of the app is comprehensive, but if the app overfunds, there are already plans in place to include features planned for the future.
  • There is a notecard-like feature within the Settings section of StoryShop, which allows for a great degree of customization to your personal tastes.
  • In the far future, learn what the StoryShop ‘world builder marketplace’ is.
  • Collaboration is another important axiom of the app, not just to enable it, but possibly in later versions, to initiate it.
  • Are you a plotter or a pantser? Doesn’t matter! StoryShop is created to work for either preference. Beat creation is included and can be as detailed as you want, but is not required.
  • Seth takes the guys on a tour of that Beats section.


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