SPP181 Beating Writers Block

Though the guys tend to call bullshit on writer’s block, they’ve had a taste of it themselves. Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave, talk about the ways they beat writer’s block in their constant pursuit of writing better stories, faster.

  • A very brief update on StoryShop – HALFWAY funded!
  • Something cool: Sean loves his unicorn, and Dave likes TV
  • Sean shares his thoughts on what causes writer’s block, and it’s YOUR fault!
  • A quick look at how literary fiction is more likely to cause writer’s block, versus things where you can just ‘stick a unicorn in it.’
  • Dave doesn’t even CALL it writer’s block. He calls it ‘another day.’ But his process is different.
  • How much preparation is enough to keep writer’s block at bay?
  • Don’t know ‘pedestrian’ advice – change your state.
  • Know Yourself!
  • The guys each give their #1 tip for avoiding writer’s block.

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