SPP182 James Altucher on Choosing Yourself for Writers

Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave welcome bestselling author James Altucher and talk about life, craigslist, self-publishing, a traditional publishing trash-fest, and what it means to choose yourself. They also talk about how to be creative – and how honoring that part of yourself can help you out of almost any rut.

  • Something cool: The Walking Dave podcast, in which he drives; the new fantasy imprint for Sterling and Stone
  • 90’s sex parties and chess games were mentioned…
  • James flips the tables and takes on the role of interviewer, and asks some questions of his own
  • The guys compare WPM, and talk about productivity, as well has how many books a year is enough
  • James has a very unique voice in his writing, and he shares how he developed it.
  • What does it mean to ‘choose yourself?’ Not necessarily that you should quit your job and pursue your dreams right away.
  • Get a real look at what it’s like to be traditionally published after you’ve been a successful indie publisher.
  • Find out why James is making fun of Penguin Publishing
  • Find out what level of quality is required to do it right? James and the guys explain.
  • James talks about being completely down and out, lost his family, his house, and he shares what it was that helped him get through that time and come back successful. (James admits the embarrassing craigslist ad he made, claiming to be psychic.)

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