SPP183 Funding Your Book on Kickstarter with David Bruns and Jon Olson

Ever wonder if you can Kickstart you next book? Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave talk with David Bruns and Jon Olson about how YOU can fund your writing with Kickstarter. It’s not as complicated as you might think, but there are definitely some objections to doing it.
Is it right for you? Find out!

  • Something cool: Dave’s snake nemesis on his daily walks, Sean watched a dead possum decompose, and Johnny gets turned on by Sean’s Spanish pronunciation. And TV shows the guys are watching now.
  • David and Jon reached out to the SPP guys to share their Kickstarter experience.
  • They talk about why they chose Kickstarter over other platforms; they ended up raising 150% of their goal.
  • Find out what you actually NEED to have a Kickstarter campaign for a single book, and the time frame you need to set.
  • David and Jon didn’t want to bootstrap. Their goal was to raise the money to make the book everything they wanted it to be. Find out why…
  • Find out what their book is actually about, and why they got started on it. (And their incredible life experience that made it possible…)
  • How they worked through first-time collaboration.
  • Learn the division of labor and mechanics for a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Learn what ‘The Thing’ was that truly made their campaign successful.

Get David’s and Jon’s Number One pieces of advice for those who want to ‘kickstart’ their book

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