SPP184 Creating and Keeping Ideal Creative Habits

It’s tough to keep your creativity in the face of terrible habits and mismanagement of your energy and will-power. Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave talk about the ways they stay creative and build positive habits as they work to write better stories, faster.

  • Something cool: Sean’s ‘Sex at Dawn’ and Dave’s favorite TV shows
  • Bad habits lead to burnout; learn what ‘habit-stacking’ is, and how it can work for or against you
  • Johnny creates a new morning routine that immediately helped him have one of the best writing sessions ever
  • Bartering time is a great strategy for when little kids and other family are around
  • Habits might be hard to change, but it’s worthwhile to ask yourself if it’s really worth it, whether food or creativity
  • How to structure your schedule to improve efficiency

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